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Minded to Help

Through Darlington Cares and with the support of Public Health, Darlington Partnership and Darlington Borough Council, employers have come together to develop an initiative to help local businesses support mental well-being in the work place.

Minded to Help is a unique project which brings together local employers through a peer support network to share their knowledge, skills, expertise, good practice, policies and procedures for the benefit of the mental well-being of the Darlington workforce. The initiative works by ‘buddying’ employers who wish to share their best practices, policies and procedures, with employers who wish to develop their procedures or simply exchange good practice and experience in this area.


1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their life and 1 in 6 adults has a mental health problem at any one time

  • Estimates suggest that the cost of mental health problems in England is around £105 billion. £30 billion is work related. Sickness absence due to mental health problems costs the UK economy £8.4 billion a year

  • Mental health can have a long-term effects, it is defined as a disability under the Equality Act 2010. Individuals are covered by the protection of the act as employers are required to make reasonable adjustment for staff in these circumstances 

Many individuals are reluctant to confront or share their experience about mental health with others, due to negative stigma that is associated with the illness. Minded to Help aims to increase awareness of mental health within the work place and eradicate such stigma. We are encouraging all the town’s employers to get involved, no regards to the size of the work force or sector.
Once registered employers will gain access to:

  • A platform allowing employers can request and offer support on any aspect of mental health in the workplace

  • A range of resources including practical guides and tools, online staff support, best practice, campaign materials, policy templates and a directory of local services

  • Seminars, events and breakfast networking opportunities